100ML 1P-lsd microdosing/ microdosing




100ML 1P-lsd microdosing

1P-LSD Microdose Kit

Neurodose Microdosing Kit is a great tool to enhance your daily routine and help you take control over your life! This microdosing kit lasts 1 month if you follow the Fadiman Protocol (1 day on, two days off).

We have included everything you need to begin your microdosing journey today!

  • UV protected bottle
  • 100 ml distilled water
  • 100 ug 1P-LSD tab
  • Medicine cup
  • 10 ml syringe


1P-LSD is subjectively similar to LSD, with many users finding the effects to be practically identical. Chemically, the difference between the two is that 1P-LSD has a small propionyl group bonded to the 1-position of LSD’s indole ring.


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